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Popova I.E., Bobreshova I.P., Chuvashova T.A.. Conflictology: Methodical instructions on discipline studying. The short abstract of lectures. - Orenburg: GOU OGU,2004,-51s., 2004

1.1 Purpose and discipline problems

The purpose of teaching of discipline - mastering by students by necessary knowledge and skills of preventive maintenance, the prevention and management of conflicts in social sphere.
Discipline problems are presented in table 1. Table 1 of the Problem of discipline "Conflictology"
№ the purposes the problem Maintenance
1 2
The student will know:
1 About history of development of domestic conflictology
2 About a general characteristic of foreign conflictology
3 About a conflictology role in development of the Russian society
The student should know:
4 Reasons and preconditions of occurrence of conflicts
5 Basic functions of conflicts
6 Basic stages of development of conflicts
7 Modern classification of conflicts
8 Principal causes and consequences of intrapersonal conflicts
9 Conditions of the prevention and mechanisms of the permission of vnutrilichnost th conflicts
10 Principal causes of occurrence of intergroup conflicts
11 Problems of settlement of intergroup conflicts
12 Features of organizational conflicts, their basic types
13 Forms of the prevention and the permission of labour conflicts
14 Principal causes of occurrence of conflicts in a link "supervise-tel-subordinated"
15 Ways of the prevention of conflicts «on a vertical»
16 Features of innovative conflicts (the prevention and time-decision)
17 Basic methods of research and diagnostics of conflicts
18 Basic directions of activity under the prevention konflik
19 Management methods the conflict
20 Basic stages of process mediatsii. The factors influencing on ef-fektivnost mediatsii
21 Ways of the resolution of conflicts
The student will be able:
22 to Define conflict components
23 to Define the true reasons of disputed behaviour a method of cartography of conflicts

Table 1 continuation
1 2
24 to carry out diagnostics of character of conflicts and mutual relations in group
25 to carry out the analysis of methods of settlement of conflicts in the organisation
26 to Define the basic ways of an exit from the conflict
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  11. Introduction
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  12. That it is desirable to know prior to the beginning of studying
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  13. 2. Discipline volume Theoretical bases of financial management and study kinds
    and seminars 50 14 Independent work: 96 - Course work 25 - The abstract 21 - Other kinds of independent work (testing, the decision of problems) 50 Kind of the total control Examination
  14. 1.2 Purposes and concepts of the financial account
    and administrative account as independent
    purposes and discipline problems. The discipline purpose: Acquaintance of students with the basic psychological characteristics of any professional work, and also with psychological patterns of productive and effective realisation of is professional-pedagogical and enterprise activity. Discipline problems: Development of the basic concepts of psychology of professional work; Formation of the
  16. Control questions
    and other disciplines correspond? Try to define a place of the theory of communications in system sotsiogumanitarnogo and is natural-scientific knowledge. Characterise organic laws of the theory of communications. How concepts "communications" and "dialogue" correspond? Characterise the basic methods of the theory of communications. In what the basic functions of the theory of communications
    purpose - to grant students complete system of theoretical knowledge of forms, procedures, methods and conditions of the organisation of foreign trade activities of managing subjects of the Russian Federation. As a result of studying of the given rate students should know bases thes of concept, the form and a controlling mechanism external economic deja-telnostju, organizational-legal and
    and to select techniques adequate to them and technologies of work; to use the basic methods and technologies of socially-pedagogical work with various categories of children and their microhabitat; independently to work with the scientifically-methodical literature of socially - pedagogical
  19. 1. A subject and rate problems
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  20. Semushkina N.V.. a discipline Study guide "the Financial analysis" / the Moscow state university of economy, statistics and computer science, M, 2001 - 23 p., 2001
    and methods of the financial analysis and practical skills on their
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