LIZ BURBO. MONEY And ABUNDANCE. Questions and answers, 2006

Abundance cannot be only material and if can it is short. Monetary, material bokgatstvo finds the true sense only then, kogkda to it there corresponds internal, an inner world chelokveka.
the Fifth book from a series Liz Burbo answers on vakshi questions is devoted one of the greatest iskuksheny the person to riches. How to survive? How prokorkmit itself and a family? How to supply a prosperity? How razbo-gatet? How to reach abundance and how in it to bathe, yes thus not to suffer a remorse?
At everyone the item and the trajectory on this huge distance, but it will be interesting to each uzknat opinion Liz Burbo the popular doctor, psiholokga, the philosopher, successful biznesvumen, fine lekktora, and in general the remarkable woman from Quebec.
the book is addressed the wide sections chitaktelej.
the questions Considered here have been set to me takikmi, as well as you, men and women at my lectures and rates.
the purpose of this book to help you to apply on prakktike the concepts already opened in my first books. That who yet did not read these books, insistently I advise sde-lat it before to start reading of the following *.
to derive the present benefit from this book, read a question and at first give on it the answer, and then verify it with mine.
you will notice, that from women has acted more vopkrosov, than from men. Let it does not surprise you: bolkshinstvo questions could be set both men, and women.
some of questions discussed here can repeat and in other books, as they zatragikvajut the interconnected themes.

Liz Burbo answers your questions
Liz Burbo answers your questions


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